Monday, May 11, 2009

Warning! Graphic images

I came across some crazy pics a while back and wanted to talk about body altering. I have no problem with most things. Tats and piercings don't bother me. I do think some take it to an extreme but everyone has their excesses. These, though, I thought were crazy! Today is piercing pics wait until you see tomorrow. I have tattoo alternatives.

So, the first picture is a uvula piercing. Said to be dangerous because of the danger of swallowing.

Next I have two examples of "lacing" which has become very popular with younger girls. I guess you can't leave the ribbon in all the time, you can only wear it for a few hours before taking it out. Last, but certainly not least, meat hooks. Some fringe body alterers hang for hours on meat hooks like some crazy form of meditation.

What is your opinion of all this? I would love for you to share. Insane or beautiful? Would you try any of it or stick to the more basic styles? Please feel free to share!


Merynne said...

Lol! I was looking at pics of the same stuff about a week ago. I think it is crazy, but I think some of the corset piercings are kinda pretty... in a sick sadistic, made for an episode of CSI kind of way:) I found this one girl who had the corset done for her low-backed wedding dress! The thing that is really crazy about that one is these "surface" piercings are very rarely permanent because the body pushes them out. Most of the corset/lacing ones should only be in for about a week to 10 days. If the body pushes them all the way out through the skin, they will leave a really grosse scar. And as for the other two, disgusting and just weird. They seem to have no purpose other than being dangerous and weird, perhaps to seek attention.
To see something really freaky, google the woman with the most piercings in the world... yuck! Oh, and most of this I know about because of my crazy out-there family memebers! Isn't that awesome:) Lol, okay I'm done, but you asked:)

Ambersmilz said...

I was just reading an article about her a few weeks ago because they were talking about that in the last few years she has like doubled or tripled her piercings. CRAZY!