Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures again. Body Modification

Yesterday I posted about new "piercing styles that our kids will probably think are so lame and not that big of a deal. Today, new tat alternatives. What you see here is called scarification. They cut your skin in an intracite design and then allow it to heal. I provideed a fresh picture and a healed picture. Also included is a tongue tat. I thought this was funny. There were others in interesting places but this one just caught my attention. Also, I saw some pictures of tattoo-ing the whites of your eyes. Another crazy place.

The spock ears are part of the body modification phase. People can get implants under their skin like ridges and shapes. They can manipulate the existing cartilidge as well. Some of it is very interesting and cool. Some people get magnets inserted under their skin. I don't really understand that one. Just some crazy new options in the world of body art.

So, do you think that there is appeal in these new forms or are they crazy. Is it just for those who seek extreme attention or will this be commonplace in ten years. Let me know!

1 comment:

Merynne said...

You should show some 3D Body Mod next... wierd stuff!
And the forked tongue thing... grosse! And Permanent!!! Oh, and one more you should look up, brain piercing... yep, you heard right. People are just crazy!