Monday, May 11, 2009

Stellar outfit

So my sister was talking to Valerie last night at my parent's house.

Tasha, "Valerie you have dog hair all over your dress"

Valerie, "What?!?!"

Tasha, noticing that Valerie is fairly upset now, "Don't worry it looks stellar. You can hardly tell."

Valerie,"Stellar?! I have dog hair on my pretty outfit! Seriously....It's almost ruined"

Valerie starts madly wiping her dress. She gets all but the last few hairs. She then proceeds to lick her hand and wipe it along her outfit until it is clean again.

Valerie, " Oh, and Tasha. It is my jumper. Not just a dress. heeeelllooooo!"

and off she flounces, leaving Tasha and I in tears. Gawd, what am I going to do with her in ten years. I am doomed.

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