Thursday, May 28, 2009

Award time!

So my lovely friend NeedSleepy gave me a blog award. I love her! So now I pass it on. I must say that these are the ones I have been reading lately.

-How to Survive Life in the Suburbs -Winn Photography

And to my handsome husband I bestow this award


Thank you for reading my blog! I know I love reading yours!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thank you for making me laugh every day. Stores I won't shop at any time soon.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marriage comes with serious decisions.

So Valerie decided to talk marriage with me again. I must say it disturbs me a little that my four year old and I have regular discussions about her wedding.

She asked me if you got married at Disneyworld. I said that some people do. She asked if she could. I told her if that is what she wanted to do she could but there were lots of options. She could get married at our church or in a park or on the beach. She said, "What about Nanna's church?" I said sure she could get married there. She decided that was the place for her.

Then she says, "But I don't what boy to wear on my wedding day. Oh, I mean what boy to have there on my wedding day"

I told her she could worry about that when she was a little older and it was closer to time to get married. She said ok and walked off leaving me contemplating a serious question. Did she mean a groom or a designer. Her favorite show is Say Yes To The Dress, you know.

Either way, I think I am in trouble.

Dirt Salad

Oh, Valerie has been doing so many funny things lately that I can't blog fast enough to keep up!
Lately, I swear she has morphed into a boy. (If you don't believe me read previous blog.) Yesterday the kids were playing outside and Valerie was using a stick to draw in the mud. All of a sudden she stands up, holds the stick n front of her face and says, "Wanna see me eat mud?" and before Steven could say no she licked it. Not a little lick either but one of those huge, I just got my favorite ice cream licks. Then she gagged a little and started spitting. Steven grabbed her and told her she needed to go in and wash her mouth out.
She was coming in and she said, "I really thought it would be delicious but it was disgusting!"
Really? Really?
Today Steven re-enlisted. We went along to see it and take pictures. It wasn't too big of a deal but exciting for us. On the way back out to the car Valerie grabs some leaves off of a hedge. She is studying them the whole way to the truck. I buckled her in and shut her door. Steven and I talked for a minute and then he got back in the truck to give her kisses. She was spitting out the leaves right as he opened the door. "Ugh, I thought they would be food!" Steven-"Stop eating stuff!"
Me- Why? Why Lord why?

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey Everyone!
My handsome hubby just got himself a blog! Go check him out over at WarriorDaddyPushover. I love him and I think he will provide a fresh and funny view of our lives.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Valerie the Valient

My four year old found a snake in the back yard this morning. She told me it was over there under those rocks. I figured she had found a worm. I told her to leave it alone and went back to reading my book. Then she kept messing with it. and playing over by said rocks. I told her to leave it alone again. She told me it was fine because she killed with that rock. I noticed my dog Thunder kept sniffing at it and pawing at the ground. Weird, I didn't think that a dog would care that much about a worm. Maybe it was one of those little green garden snakes. I decided a responsible parent would go over there and check. Ugh. So I put my book down and went over to check it out

OMFG!!!!! It really was a snake. Not anything huge but about 15 inches long. I picked it up with a stick and brought it up to the deck. Valerie is right behind me the whole way...

"I told you it was a snake. It was trying to bite my sister so I smooshed it with a rock. I did. It was at the zoo and it escaped. It got out of the glass and the cage and flibber flobbered over to our backyard. I think that is weird. But that is what it did all right. yep. It just flipper flobbered over here all the way from the zoo. It is a little weird. But I only ready killed it."

I went in to get my camera and when I come out, there she is swinging it around and picking it up and telling me how cool it is.

Steven came home for lunch and Valerie showed him her kill. He said, "What does that make you? Valerie the snake slayer?"

"No, Daddy I was just called Valerie the Valient"

Note: That is what I call her when she comes into our room in the middle of the night after a bad dream. We talk about Valerie the Valient, a beautiful princess who vanquishes monsters and is soooooooo brave that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

In doing this I may have inadvertantly created my own Monster. One who is afraid of nothing. Gawd I am so glad I didn't have boys. Girls are enough.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh Yeahhh!

Little Nessa has had us in stitches all day. A lot of stuff she does/says wouldn't really be funny if I just rewrote it here in blogworld. You have to see her little facial expressions and her wild hand gestures to get the full picture. But she has had some pretty hilarious stuff today that I had to share.

Tonight at dinner the girls put on a pretty spectacular performance. There was singing and dancing. Vanessa was mostly harmonizing with Valerie and echoing whatever she sang. All of a sudden she grabs her stomach and belts out "Yoooooouu don't want a tummmy ache! Yooooooou need my piiiiiiiggy tails!!" My piggy taaaaaaaails!" My mine piggies!" While rubbing her little hands on her head.

She has this cup that she drinks out of that is a kool-aid man cup. So, tonight she is drinking and she points to his face and says "This is mine porcupine and she says "OH YUM" in her deepest little two year old voice. I almost fell out of my chair. To my knowledge this child has never seen a kool-aid commercial. It was so funny!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For three easy payments.....

So this morning Steven was in the bathroom getting ready for work when Valerie comes in....
Valerie, "Daddy, what do you think you are doing?"
Steven,"I am just shaving baby"
Valerie, "The tv says you don't have to do that. You just go to the dotcom and order and then you don't do that again. You just rub on and rub off. You should go to the dotcom Daddy, then would never have to do this again! You don't ever have to worry"

Me- OMFG! I hate that NickJr has commercials during Dora. My daughter is an infomercial.

Monday, May 11, 2009

News, Breaking New Trends

I started this blog as somewhere to write out all the crazy news and stories I read about every day. I am a news junkie!! I love it all. So the next few posts are something I ran across that I found interesting and want your opinion about. They are about Body Modification. Please take the time to read and comment on what you think.

Pictures again. Body Modification

Yesterday I posted about new "piercing styles that our kids will probably think are so lame and not that big of a deal. Today, new tat alternatives. What you see here is called scarification. They cut your skin in an intracite design and then allow it to heal. I provideed a fresh picture and a healed picture. Also included is a tongue tat. I thought this was funny. There were others in interesting places but this one just caught my attention. Also, I saw some pictures of tattoo-ing the whites of your eyes. Another crazy place.

The spock ears are part of the body modification phase. People can get implants under their skin like ridges and shapes. They can manipulate the existing cartilidge as well. Some of it is very interesting and cool. Some people get magnets inserted under their skin. I don't really understand that one. Just some crazy new options in the world of body art.

So, do you think that there is appeal in these new forms or are they crazy. Is it just for those who seek extreme attention or will this be commonplace in ten years. Let me know!

Warning! Graphic images

I came across some crazy pics a while back and wanted to talk about body altering. I have no problem with most things. Tats and piercings don't bother me. I do think some take it to an extreme but everyone has their excesses. These, though, I thought were crazy! Today is piercing pics wait until you see tomorrow. I have tattoo alternatives.

So, the first picture is a uvula piercing. Said to be dangerous because of the danger of swallowing.

Next I have two examples of "lacing" which has become very popular with younger girls. I guess you can't leave the ribbon in all the time, you can only wear it for a few hours before taking it out. Last, but certainly not least, meat hooks. Some fringe body alterers hang for hours on meat hooks like some crazy form of meditation.

What is your opinion of all this? I would love for you to share. Insane or beautiful? Would you try any of it or stick to the more basic styles? Please feel free to share!

Stellar outfit

So my sister was talking to Valerie last night at my parent's house.

Tasha, "Valerie you have dog hair all over your dress"

Valerie, "What?!?!"

Tasha, noticing that Valerie is fairly upset now, "Don't worry it looks stellar. You can hardly tell."

Valerie,"Stellar?! I have dog hair on my pretty outfit! Seriously....It's almost ruined"

Valerie starts madly wiping her dress. She gets all but the last few hairs. She then proceeds to lick her hand and wipe it along her outfit until it is clean again.

Valerie, " Oh, and Tasha. It is my jumper. Not just a dress. heeeelllooooo!"

and off she flounces, leaving Tasha and I in tears. Gawd, what am I going to do with her in ten years. I am doomed.

To all the Mommies!

So, being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I don't need to tell you all of the side effects that go along with children. I have two beautiful little girls who are the biggest, most important job I will ever take on. Yet, it has been and continues to be the most wonderfully rewarding as well. I had an amazing Mother's Day yesterday. I have two happy, healthy kids and a pretty awesome hubby. I feel so blessed.

I have so many dear friends who also have beautiful children who are not healthy. Some have physical disabilities, others developmental. I can not imagine what it is like to have to see your child struggle every day to accomplish simple tasks. I don't understand what it is like to have to fight to get health care coverage or special funding for extra equipment for your baby. I don't cry the tears they do over the lives their children will never have. These brave amazing women who still love their kids fiercely, who can't imagine life any other way. What I do and the struggles I go through are nothing compared to these fighters. They are my heros and they are the example I live by when dealing with my two young ones.

To all my wonderful mommy friends. I hope Mother's day was a great day for all of you. I want you to know that I love you guys and I love every one of your pretty and handsome babies. I can't imagine life without my amazing friends who share in the same circumstance and whom I can lean on for anything thick or thin. I can not believe that our children are growing up so fast! My kids are shooting up right before my eyes! God Bless Everyone of you, please know I am your biggest fan.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So I am finally writing a funny story about my baby girl. Vanessa is two and I love her sooo much. She is so sweet and a little more quiet. Either way, so the other day we were at lunch and she sat up on her knees and was talking to my husband about whether or not that particular day was a church day. (My kids love church days)
Then all of a sudden she said "Jesus died on the cross like dis" and spread out her little arms and scrunched up her eyes.
Steven said "That's right, good job! And then he came back"
Vanessa "To life?!?!"
Steven "Yep, to life."
Vanessa"WHOA! WOO HOO!" and throws her hands up and starts clapping. She was so excited.
She never ceases to amaze me. Kids soak up so much.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have been abandoned

To all of my wonderful friends out there.....

Where the hell are you??????????

I miss your funny stories, I miss your bad days, I miss reading about your crazy kids and that guy in your house. I have been waiting anxiously for new posts but, alas, none have come. I have posted a few myself in an effort to lure you back to blogdom. Come on, I live for your juicy gossip. I need the extra laugh. Come to me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and tell me a good tale. I will give you rest and a giant margarita.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kansas Considers Cutting Budget for Disabled Benefits

Several of my close and dear friends have children who have developmental disabilities. They are sweet kids and these families only just get by with what little help there is. There are long waiting lists and little funds. So many kids are not getting even close to the care that they need. Now they are talking about cutting this down even further. Please take the time to read this and contact your legislation. A simple email goes a long way. Thank you!!!!!!
The Kansas House of Representatives is set to consider a budget bill which will cut more than $20 million from services for Kansans with developmental disabilities. This represents a near 10% cut in funding for DD services in the state of Kansas.
What does this mean?
1. A complete loss of all discretionary State dollars that are used to support more than 2,000 Kansas children and adults with DD. Roughly 22% of all Kansans with DD rely on these dollars to live in communities across the state.
2. An almost 50% cut in Family Support Grants which are used to provide vitally-needed help to families who care for a loved one with DD.
3. A cut of more than $8 million in the HCBS DD Waiver, which was already critically underfunded, which will result in an even larger waiting list for help (current waiting lists already number more than 3,900 children & adults with DD).
How does this affect you?
These cuts will result in job eliminations in communities around the state, and potential wage cuts to direct-care staff who we know already make wages at, or near, the poverty line. One Kansas DD service provider has already calculated that 15% wage cut will need to be enacted in order keep the organization's doors open.In Sedgwick County over 300 individuals are served in residential, day programs or supportive home care through State Grant Funds. A reduction could eliminate some of these individuals from services and the remainder would have their services drastically reduced.The State Aid reduction of $1.2 million will impact the dollars utilized for crisis support and programs for youth that are provided by The Arc and Rainbows United.
What can you do to help?
Call your legislator right now. You don't need to be an expert on anything but your own experience at your job & your reaction to this news. Imagine how a cut like this would affect your life; your family's lives; the persons you serve & their families. Tell your legislator that IF they pass this bill it will affect the lives of individuals in their own community