Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh Yeahhh!

Little Nessa has had us in stitches all day. A lot of stuff she does/says wouldn't really be funny if I just rewrote it here in blogworld. You have to see her little facial expressions and her wild hand gestures to get the full picture. But she has had some pretty hilarious stuff today that I had to share.

Tonight at dinner the girls put on a pretty spectacular performance. There was singing and dancing. Vanessa was mostly harmonizing with Valerie and echoing whatever she sang. All of a sudden she grabs her stomach and belts out "Yoooooouu don't want a tummmy ache! Yooooooou need my piiiiiiiggy tails!!" My piggy taaaaaaaails!" My mine piggies!" While rubbing her little hands on her head.

She has this cup that she drinks out of that is a kool-aid man cup. So, tonight she is drinking and she points to his face and says "This is mine porcupine and she says "OH YUM" in her deepest little two year old voice. I almost fell out of my chair. To my knowledge this child has never seen a kool-aid commercial. It was so funny!

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