Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirt Salad

Oh, Valerie has been doing so many funny things lately that I can't blog fast enough to keep up!
Lately, I swear she has morphed into a boy. (If you don't believe me read previous blog.) Yesterday the kids were playing outside and Valerie was using a stick to draw in the mud. All of a sudden she stands up, holds the stick n front of her face and says, "Wanna see me eat mud?" and before Steven could say no she licked it. Not a little lick either but one of those huge, I just got my favorite ice cream licks. Then she gagged a little and started spitting. Steven grabbed her and told her she needed to go in and wash her mouth out.
She was coming in and she said, "I really thought it would be delicious but it was disgusting!"
Really? Really?
Today Steven re-enlisted. We went along to see it and take pictures. It wasn't too big of a deal but exciting for us. On the way back out to the car Valerie grabs some leaves off of a hedge. She is studying them the whole way to the truck. I buckled her in and shut her door. Steven and I talked for a minute and then he got back in the truck to give her kisses. She was spitting out the leaves right as he opened the door. "Ugh, I thought they would be food!" Steven-"Stop eating stuff!"
Me- Why? Why Lord why?

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