Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! Dear God, it's a baby!

So I am back to post again. The reason? Crazy people and their crazy babies!
So I am surfing around on the computer this morning and I come across a story. Some lady goes in to have a c-section. They get her in there and cut her open and the doctor reaches in to pull out the baby...then exclaims"Oh my goodness!" Promptly calls someone else over to help him lift out the baby b/c it is 14 FREAKING POUNDS! Are you serious?! So, here are my issues. One, how do you as her doctor have noooo idea that the baby is going to be larger than normal? Two, as the mom with that tub o butter inside of you, how do you not think, hmmmm, maybe this baby is cutting off my insides for a reason? She has another kid. It isn't like she hasn't been pregnant before and just didn't know it could be different.
Or, we could talk about the woman who had her 18th child this past week. That is right folks she has enough children for her own small town. She was quoted as saying"This was the ultimate Christmas gift from God." Pardon me but I call BS. If God sent me an 18th child any time, much less Christmas, there would be much weeping and nashing of teeth. Cursing and bitterness would also make an appearance. I guess on the bright side there are so many of them now that it is like having a fulltime live in staff. You could teach one to be a maid, one a butler, chef, groundskeeper, tutor, etc.... She probably is just sitting around trying to keep her uterus from falling out at this point.
There is also a 70 year old woman from India who just gave birth. She said that she decided to try fertility treatments b/c her and her husband had been trying to have a baby for 50 years. She is so happy to have had a baby in the twilight of their life. You have been trying for fifty years and it just occured to you to do fertility treatments? Obviously, if you have tried that long something hasn't been working for a long time. Plus, now you are most likely not even going to get to enjoy that child's life. You are going to be to old to share most of it with them and my even damage that child by dying while it is so young.
All these crazy people and their crazy desires for children. I am so overwhelmed by my two kids I can not even imagine! Wait until you hear the story I have for next time. It is yet another tale of parents making life hard for their offspring. Until then!!!!!
On the next post....Hitler in Springtime.

Monday, December 29, 2008

So Christmas is finally over! Thank goodness. If I had to do anymore freaking family gatherings I was going to puke. Oh, and speaking of puke....my kids decided last night to take turns throwing up everything they have eaten for the past two weeks. YUCK! All those holiday goodies are adding up to extra holiday laundry for the momma.
Don't get me wrong. I love the Christmas season most of the time. This year just seemed more hectic than normal. I hate getting so caught up in the craziness and forgetting to sit back and enjoy some of it. Where is the quiet evening at home cuddling up and getting naughty over hot mugs of cocoa? Instead, it is my teenage freshman sister running around the house screaming about the 3rd guy who asked her out today(O-M-G!) and my 19 year old sister freaking out and digging through her boyfriends car to find out what he bought her so she isn't caught by suprise when getting proposed to. (She got an ipod touch by the way) My mom freaking out and having the yearly meltdown about, well, everything. "What are we going to eat xmas day?" "When do I start cooking?" "What if no one shows up? " " What if everyone hates their gifts?" "What if no one gets me anything? " Baking and cooking for a gazillion people and events. Buying gifts and cards and writing wrapping and wrestling them under the tree or into the car. Steven complaining that I didn't get him what he wanted(a blowgun) when I literally recieved nothing for our anniversary or xmas. After paying 1000 dollars in tickets for him and still getting him a gift. Bastard. Our kids running laps and flying Barbies around my parents dining room while screaming Frosty at the top of their little lungs. All I want is to sleep until 10 am and then sit in my jammies reading a book. Or have my husband offer to pick up the house and I sit and play video games for an hour or so. I know, I know. Laugh it up all you married women. I can dream.
So, now is the time to get to the Y and lose the extra pounds. It is time to destress and work on my post holiday attitude. Also, our lives will be shook up in another month or so. My husband is taking some leave and will be home for about 6 weeks in mid february. That could go either way. I will most likely be grateful for the extra help with the kiddos and not so happy about the extra laundry, dishes, and attitude. hahaha. Most importantly, he will be done with recruiting and our family can go back to being a happy one. YAHAYAHAYAY!!!!!!It is the time of year that I always vow to spend more time on friends. There are so many that I don't see nearly enough. My daughter and my birthdays' are coming so that is always a great excuse to see everyone. I really want to start getting some aspects of my life put back together.
I feel sometimes that since becoming a mom my life has fractures into a million pieces. The crazy has taken over, hence the green crayon on my wall and the toilet paper in the bathroom sink. I feel like it has blessed me too. How else would I know that you are supposed to eat chicken noodle with goldfish crackers? Even though this time of year is nuts my family, overall, adds so much joy and happiness. I am so thankful for everything I have and I wouldn't take anything away. Adding a maid would be awesome though.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I guess I feel patriotic today

I was so motivated today! I drank coffee. For those of you who do not know me, I never ever drink caffeine. So what happened was a great energy high that lasted for pretty much the entire afternoon. I even exercised. Hooray!

So, there are two political stories I read about this week that I feel are worth mentioning. Of course, one of them is that the president was attacked by flying shoes this weekend.He made a surprise visit to Iraq and a local protester took off his shoes and threw them at Bush. Now, I don't know about you, but I was raised that no matter what your political opinions, you respect the president. You can disagree with him but you still must acknowledge that he is the leader of our country and as such should be treated accordingly. How ridiculous. I have seriously been reading articles that said he deserved it. Can you believe that?

Two, there was an article this week talking about how difficult it is going to be for the secret service in the upcoming weeks, months, etc... to protect Obama. He is the first African American president and with that comes the increased danger for assaination from racist factions. As sad as this is it is so very true. My father actually admitted his hesitance to vote for Obama for this reason. He said he feared that some nut would shot Obama and it would lead to race riots the likes of which haven't been seen for decades. Let me just tie this in to my afore mentioned issue. I can not believe that this is such a problem in 2008. I could never imagine judging someone based on nothing but their skin. The concept perplexes me. I dislike all kinds of people for their behavior but your race or religion makes no difference. Get over your bigotry people. Grow up and learn that it is, as cliche as it sounds, what is inside that really matters. I do not agree with Obama's policies and no I did not vote for him.....BUT he IS our president and he will be leading our country for at least the next four years. I know that is a huge responsibility and a monumental task. I respect him for taking that on and trust him to make the right decisions for the American people. God Bless America and thank you to all those who help make our nation safe and our country great.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I was reading through all of SuperMoms posts and getting a little jealous. Apparently she thought she was too overweight and went to the doctor. She told him she had tried the usual and it wasn't getting the job done. He prescribed some miracle pill and the result is that she has lost 20 some pounds in like a month. I, in reading this, called my doctor and scheduled an appt......for TODAY. I want in on the miracle weight loss. I too have done the over the counter stuff and the diets. Don't get me wrong I don't want it to do all the work for me, but a little help would be sooo nice. I know that most of us have been pretty damn thin at one time and it is just weird to know that I am a "fat" girl. I am so tired ALL the time. Hopefully, this pill is an option for me. PLEASE GOD!!!! Let it be an option for me. I have been food diary-ing (though that hasn't happened in a week or two,oops!) and trying to work out some everyday. Maybe this will help keep me accountable. Either way, I have to get the weight off and keep it off. Cheer me on folks!

So today is Friday and I wrote the first part of this on Wed. My weight at the doctor was 163. That is enormous for someone who is only 5 feet tall. My doctor said some of my weight gain is probably do to my birth control and no they do not prescribe it. At all. I am going to start working really hard to get some of the weight off and will try and update every few weeks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My first one!

So, aside from myspace, I have never really blogged before. I am a blogger virgin. I nevr really felt that I had anything interesting enough to contribute. Then a wonderful friend of mine said I should give it a try. If nothing else it is a good release, she said. Fair enough. She gave me a few start up ideas and here I am venturing out into the cyber frontier.......