Monday, September 19, 2011

Tolerance, it isn't just for pagans anymore.....

‎*sigh* Sometimes it frustrates me that Christians treat tolerance like a dirty word. Umm... have you read a bible lately? That Jesus guy? His main message was loving ALL people. Someone asked him what the most important rules were and you know what he said? Love God most and 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is NO commandment greater than these. Hear that? NONE of those other rules are as important as treating those around you with love and respect. Not one. That is Mark 12:28-34 for anyone who cares to call me on my quotation. NIV is the way to be.
If you personally believe that what someone is doing is sinful that is fine. But we are not in any position to excuse or not excuse behavior. Only God is. You show them how to live a Christian life by leading a shining example not by damning their choices.
I read a review today of Modern Family that said "it is interesting to note that Cam and Mitchell are presented as a normal couple living an acceptable lifestyle" Then went on to talk about what a shame it was that our culture normalized what was once shunned behavior. Regardless of whether or not you morally agree with it, Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. It was often times (and in some cultures, still is) perfectly acceptable and normal. Also, these are neighbors and police officers and teachers that we see every day. My kids go to school with other children that have same sex parents. For us to say it isn't normal is ignorant. I see adulterers ALL the time and I see Christians turn their head and say it is none of their business. I think that if it really turns out that God doesn't love them after all, then he will handle that on Judgement day. Everything else until then I equate to a dad having to tell one sibling to stop tattling and being so bossy. All it does is get you in trouble too.
You know it was only 50 years ago that a black and white couple was against the law and considered morally unclean. Or 200 years ago when church was for men only, bc they had the mental capacity for understanding God's word. Or that a few hundred years ago, the thought of a lay person being able to handle the powerful message of the gospel was outrageous. Not to mention that for several hundred years the bible was edited, revised, books taken out, books put in... I think God gave us the capacity to love and be tolerant and he also gave us the power to evolve! Why is it that so often I find Christians who refuse to be progressive and move into a path of more tolerance and love?

The thoughts that run through my head....

...while cleaning my kids' playroom today before the maintanence guy showed up.

Me- walking through the room
*Uh Oh, what's this? What kind of party was going on at this dollhouse last night???

*Prince Eric and Gaston are kicking it in the living room. Never really saw them as besties, -huh-

*Magic Carpet is passed out in the bath tub. Poor guy, that's always rough.

*Beast is face down in the front yard. There's always 'that' guy

*OH! OH! Belle is totally taking advantage though, because she has locked herself in the attic with Jafar. (Man, she has a SERIOUS bad boy complex!)

..........ahem........looks around to make sure no one was there..........sheepishly goes back to picking things up.............

I need to get out of the house more. I have resorted to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Plastic, brought to you by Disney. Now being featured at a toybox near you!

Going upstairs to do homework now. Move along, nothing to see here!