Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I am not in church..... (with a six month lead in)

Here is the deal: -Worked all through last winter, spring and summer. Managed to drop about twenty pounds. -Got rid of all my fatty fatty fat clothes as a show of victory -Diagnosed with celiac -Gained twenty pounds in about three months -Diagnosed with rare, weird side effect of celiac. (MOST people start dropping pounds like magic after being diagnosed. Of course, I did not get that) -Now trying to get the weight off again. At least knowing that this time it is likely to stay off but....... -I am fat again and to top it off, I have NO CLOTHES! So, -Thought about going to church -After about thirty minutes of trying to squeeze into something, I gave up. Put jeans on and decided that I will do homework and watch football instead. Welcome to crazy town, population:me.
Had an interesting conversation with my public speaking teacher recently in which he educated me on proper clothing protocol for college. It seems that I have been missing out on some of the more celebrated traditions in this fine learning establishment. Cue Bow tie Tuesdays and Waistcoat Wednesdays. Add in my own Military Monday and we have what seems to be a quirky geek wardrobe staple for nearly every day of the week. I am interested to see how many of you have/do participate in these fun outfit trends! Don't forget to post pictures