Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two for Tuesday

So it is the second sexy man day. Today I chose Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds and Jamie Foxx. They are both super sexy men with phenomenal *ahem* talent... So, What are your choices? It is harder than you might think.

Monday, March 2, 2009

That's a good one!

What is the biggest whopper you ever told? Was it ever revealed? I have told a few lies in my lifetime. Some of them now are pretty funny. I try very hard these days to always tell the truth and keep my fibbing to small little white lies every now and again. Never the less, it is always funny to remember some of the ones from days past. Sneaking around with the boyfriend. Trying to keep friends from fighting. Sparing someone's feelings. Some I have kept secret all this time. Most I have dished b/c time seems to make most rather irrelevant. I would be interested to hear what you consider your biggest lie. Or your funniest. My kids tell hilarious lies all the time. Mine, well, I told someone that I did not have hickeys all over my neck it was actually a horrible allegic reaction to wool. Then I had to pretend to be allergic to wool the rest of the time I was in high school. Pretty crazy. Pretty dumb, pretty damn funny. Is that a wool sweater you are wearing? Nope, can't touch you today, I am horridly allergic. Oh yeah. So start fessing up to those big ones you have told and don't leave me the only one airing out the dirty laundry!

Manly Monday

So all the ladies have been posting one sexy man a day on their blogs and I thought, What the heck? I will throw out my choices for sexiest men out there. I apologize in advance if my choices overlap anyone elses. Now, everyone knows I am gaga for Brad Pitt, Will Smith and George Clooney. This is a list of those people I drool over that are a little less well known. Oh, and I am probably going to do two a day since there are so many hunky choices to choose from. So my Monday choice is my to favorite guys from Friday Night. You may have seen these two on Sara Conner Chronicles. HELLO! Robert T Jones and Brian Austin Green. Brian A Green has been dating Megan Fox and used to be on the original 90210. He is so sexy! You will also soon realize that I have a thing for sexy black men with bald heads. hahaha. Keep coming back ladies ther e is more where that came from.