Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The dress I wore to the wedding

So many people have asked me about my dress that I thought I would blog about it. I wore it to the wedding in my previous blog. It is by the brand London Times. It is sooo comfortable as well. I bought it at an ebay store. Pamela Rae Premium Fashion Outlet. She always has the prettiest dresses. If you know what size you are then I definitely recommend her site. All the dresses are amazing quality and so pretty. I have bought from her probably 5 or 6 times and never been disapointed.


Monday, June 29, 2009


We went to a friend's wedding and they had a photo booth at their reception. You got to go in and take as many pictures as you want. They print them out and hand you a copy and then at the end of the night, the bride and groom get a cd of all the pictures of their guests. I thought it was the CUTEST idea! Here are some of our pictures. It was an outdoor wedding so we may look a little warm. Yes, my little ham went in and did some herself.
NOTE: For some reason Blogger is cutting these pictures in half. If you click on the pictures it will take you to the page where you can see all of them and other photos from the wedding.




Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Valerie strikes again....Pow!

So, we have been working on Father's Day cards and getting them out. The other day I was having them write one out to a gpa that lives farther away and I told Valerie that she could put it in the mailbox. So she runs out there and Steven lifts her up so she can reach. She opens the front flap, slides the card in, sticks her little face in there and says, "Please send this to my papa!" Then hops down and runs off.

We were sitting at dinner last night and talking about our pet fish. We had just told the kids about a fish we got to put in Valerie's nursery before she was born. Steven stuck it in the window and it died. Valerie asked us what we did with the fish. I said Daddy had flushed it down the toilet. She looked at Steven with a confused look on her face and says, "You didn't eat it?" He chokes on his food a little and says, "No, you don't eat fish that small baby." I said that when we were kids I had a fish that died but we buried it in the back yard. Valerie whips her little head around and says "Gross, mom. That would make your fish taste like dirt!" I don't think we got through to her....

In other news, Valerie has decided to follow her father around the house and call him old. A LOT! He will yell from the bedroom "I can't find my pants!" Valerie walks by and tells him "Thats cause youare old daddy" He got a pretty wicked sunburn Thursday. He was hobbling around and bumped his knee. "AGH! My knee is killing me." "That is cause you are getting old Dad" I laugh every time. Hasn't stopped being funny yet.

For Father's Day my Mom got my Dad the original Batman movie, with Adam West. Valerie asked if they could watch it too and my dad said that was fine. They could have a movie night.(It is all my kids have talked about for three days by the way!) Valerie grabs the dvd case and says "Oh My Goodness! Is he naked?!" I grab the case and check. "No baby he is wearing tights and a body suit." "Oh, well he kinda looks naked." God help us all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad that all of my blogger friends have left me.

I am sorely disapointed in the lack of posts and comments lately ladies. I need my daily belly laughs to get me through the monotony that is my week. Come on now. Post!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

World Refugee Day 2009

I am looking for the rest of her speech but this moved me to tears and I just had to share.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Recital and life

Haven't blogged lately. My girls had their recital this weekend. They did pretty well. I thought their little costumes were to die for. Went to fight night. Loved it. Rented Rocknrolla and watched it at my Daddy's house on his new big screen. Yay! Came home and watched Underworld:Rise of the Lycans on our 37" tv. Oops, did that a little backwards. Steven ripped out half of our kitchen cabinets so we can tear out the old nasty sheetrock. Ugh. Mostly just hanging out and doing the normal mommy/wife stuff.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For all you Monty Python fans

NOTE: the offering of sacred shrubberies in front of the sacred word.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Have any of you moms ever had this conversation?

Setting the scene: Driving down the road, a few minutes late(I won't lie), trapped in the car with your kids and nowhere to run.....

Vanessa-"Mommy, what's dat?"

Me-"Daddy's shoes"

Vanessa-Why they Daddy's shoes?

Me-Because he wanted them

Nessa-"Why he want them?"

Me-"He needed them so he asked me to get them"

Nessa-"Why daddy get shoes?"

Me-"he had to have something to wear on his feet"

Nessa-"Why he need somfin' on his feet?"

Me-"Cause everyone wears shoes baby girl"

Nessa-"Why everyone wear shoes?"

Me-"To keep their feet protected so they don't hurt their feet"

Nessa-"Why people hurt their feet?"

Me-"Sometimes people step on something without shoes and that can hurt their feet"

Nessa-"Why they step on somefin'?"

Me-"Ahhhhhhh!!! No more why questions!!!!"

Nessa-"I got boo boo on my feet....."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Response to my previous blog

.....This is a response to my previous blog written by my dear friend Lindsay. I really loved what she had to say and wanted to share it with my readers. Please, please feel free to also comment and share your thoughts.....

*Please read everything before commenting or getting upset. I realize that this only represents my side, and that is because it is the only side I can rightfully represent.I just want to say first and foremost I don't think my friend meant all pro-lifers, just the one I mentioned who is very prominent in the community and said something that is vile and disgusting while in the same breath saying he was against the murder, his words didn't sound much like he disagreed to me. So I'm sorry if what she said on my post offended you, and had I thought it was offensive I would have said something but I really agree with her message. From the other side of all of this, when all I really want to hear from anybody is how disgusted they are at the heinous murder of an innocent man, on this I can agree with you this is certainly NOT the time for politics, all I seem to hear is how afraid that the conservatives are that the liberals are going to use this against them. (Not that all conservatives feel that way, but the ones who get on the TV sure seem to). That is upsetting and offensive to me. I feel like a man is dead and a new game has already begun over how we are allowed to grieve. I feel like those comments back me and others into a corner where we can't say what we feel and express our immense sadness and outrage without it being some political mess. I think after a tragedy like this many people will say things they don't mean, but lashing out is often a part of the grieving process, I feel like I have the right to be angry, to be upset, and more importantly to be sad, and I feel like that is being taken from me. On top of that to hear leading pro-life orgainzations issue statements that are so backhanded as what Randall Terry from operation rescue said, it really does make the "pro-life" side of the argument look bad. (I used quotations because I don't believe there are only two sides to any argument, I think the vast majority of people who are "pro-life" don't fit into the same group as Randall Terry and those people who say such horrible things, but it gets difficult to express things coherrently if I start seperating the groups out because there aren't any other widely used terms) I agree that not all people who are "pro-life" even begin to agree with each other (especially with the radicals or those who are saying hateful things) as I wouldn't agree that all "pro-choice" people agree with each other, but that is what the devicive political game tells us to believe, and when it gets emotional sometimes that is the first thing that gets forgotten, on BOTH sides of the issue.To me, right now, this is a really hard time. For those of us that have our reasons to be "pro-choice", on an aside I hate the designations pro-life and pro-choice, it is reasonable to question our safety for speaking our mind. I've seen some pretty terrible things at rallies and protests, and I've known people who have been injured volunteering at Tiller's clinic. This is definately not the first time that violence has ocurred during this debate, this isn't even the first time somebody has tried to murder the man. Do I think that all pro-lifers engage in this type of behavior? No, not even close, MANY of my very close friends are "pro-life" and I know that they would never hurt anyone, and that they really do value life and are respectful in the disagreements, but I think that there will likely be a backlash toward the radicals, who tend to be more vocal and prominent than the sane people with good morals and values. I also don't think this backlash will be out of hatred or anger, but fear. Not that the fear is new, but now somebody is dead, so the fear is stronger. (Note: I don't mean a physical backlash, just verbal, and I don't agree with it, but I do understand it.)Also, we lost a strong, dedicated, upstanding, member of our community. A man who stood up for what he thought was right, and never wavered in his dedication to serve the members of not only our community, but the women of this entire country who desperately needed him. This is a time of grief, and sadness, and sometimes people say things in grief that they wouldn't normally say.So in short, I don't agree with anything anybody is saying at this point, other than that we need to focus on healing the wound left by Dr. Tiller's loss, first and foremost by showering his family in love and support, showing respect to them while they heal by not speaking ill of the man before he's even been burried, and by healing our community which has been shocked by a terrible tragedy.I don't want to start any arguments today, just share how I feel right now. I support a woman's right to choose and I think almost all of you know that by now. It is not my goal to change anyone's beliefs, and I can promise you will never change mine. I have heard all of the arguments, I've been called all the names. I made my choice based on the facts at hand. I've talked with many women who have been faced with an immensely difficult decision and chosen both ways, I know in my HEART that they had the right to make that choice for themselves. I also know in my HEART that every person has the right to choose for themselves whether or not to agree with me. I wrote this in response to an amazing woman with whom I tend to disagree politically, but who is as open-minded and loving as the day is long. I want to share what I'm going through (and lots of others like me) with her, and with everyone who truly wants to know. I know that she may disagree, but she does it respectfully, and that she cares about all people and their well-being no matter what they believe. If it wasn't for you Amber I don't think I would have had the strength to say what has been weighing on me these last few days, for that I must thank you.That being said I welcome constructive comments and thoughtful conversation, but any hatefulness from either side will be deleted and ignored. My heart is too heavy from this tragedy to deal with any more hatefulness.

My response- I really appreciate what you are saying and I do not disagree. In fact I whole heartedly agree with most of what you are saying. I was not attacking your friend. I have had that point of view expressed to me (or in front of me, or I read it in reference to the situation) by no less than 10 people. It was really starting to frustrate me. Because I am someone who is openly pro life, there have been days this week where I have been made to feel like I was somehow partly responsible for this tragedy because of my political and relious beliefs. I think that you are simply, and more eloquently I might add, expressing my argument from the other side. As always, I love hearing what you have to say and I love you!

Wordless Wednesday

Pro-life and Pro-choice, doesn't matter

I read this today.."Who could be ''pro-life'' yet feel that killing someone for being ''pro-choice'' is justifiable? Hypocrites."
Every day for the last 3 days all I have been reading is more of the same. "How dare the pro-lifers take such a valuable man from us"
"Just remember all of you who oppose abortion, two wrongs don't make a right"

I would just like to say that just because you are pro life doesn't mean you justify violence as a means to end abortions. Or that we are ok with Dr. Tiller's murder. Why would you not say that about the individual who killed him. Must you really lump everyone who is prolife into that? How is that different from lumping everyone together based on skin color. Everyone who is white wanted Martin Luther King dead? Really?! How could you actually think that? Are you so blinded by ignorance that you must stoop to outrageous stereotypes? If you really think that of all pro-lifers then you must know, that if all we cared about was furthering the cause, this would hurt us more than help us. "We" have just given the pro lifers a martyr. A way to rally for their beliefs. How does that help "us pro-lifers" again?

I am very saddened by this tragedy. The family had to witness what happened. Our prayers go out to them. Regardless of what you believe, this was a horrible terrible act. A wife is without her husband today, a daughter does not have a father. Regardless of what your beliefs are, THAT is what should matter. That is what we should be dwelling on this week. Go with God Dr. Tiller, I pray that your family finds peace in the wake of this horrific tragedy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My girls have been busy

My kids have both been pretty busy in the last few weeks. Valerie finished up her first year of preschool and we are nearing the end of the dance year. We are a week away from recital. Life has been going full steam ahead.

Mondays are our chill days. The girls and I have a tendency to stay in our pjs all day and don't leave the house until it is time to go to the gym in the evening. So, the girls were downstairs watching Dora and I was at the table drinking tea and reading a book. Now, all you moms of young children will understand this next part. They got to the end of their episode and Dora and Boots are talking about everything that happened on their adventure. Then they look out and say, "What was your favorite part?" Which is followed by about thirty seconds of silence and then, "I liked that part too!" This particular time Dora asks her question and then looks expectantly at my children. My darling Nessa looks at her and says, "My favite part waas Dora's hair!" She is sooo my little girly girl.

Today I went to a luncheon for a sweet wonderful lady at the church. We ate a lot of delicious food and then when my children got a little restless we decided to take off for naptime. I put both of the kids in the car and told them to sit in their seats. I buckled Nessa and then went and climbed in on the driver's side. Valerie started screaming from the backseat, "Mommy!! Mommy! You can not drive yet!!! I am NOT buckled!" I hopped out and went to strap her in. "Sorry baby, Mommy forgot you weren't buckled yet. Silly me." "I know", she says, " That's why I like Daddy better. He never forgets things."