Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marriage comes with serious decisions.

So Valerie decided to talk marriage with me again. I must say it disturbs me a little that my four year old and I have regular discussions about her wedding.

She asked me if you got married at Disneyworld. I said that some people do. She asked if she could. I told her if that is what she wanted to do she could but there were lots of options. She could get married at our church or in a park or on the beach. She said, "What about Nanna's church?" I said sure she could get married there. She decided that was the place for her.

Then she says, "But I don't what boy to wear on my wedding day. Oh, I mean what boy to have there on my wedding day"

I told her she could worry about that when she was a little older and it was closer to time to get married. She said ok and walked off leaving me contemplating a serious question. Did she mean a groom or a designer. Her favorite show is Say Yes To The Dress, you know.

Either way, I think I am in trouble.

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