Saturday, June 6, 2009


Have any of you moms ever had this conversation?

Setting the scene: Driving down the road, a few minutes late(I won't lie), trapped in the car with your kids and nowhere to run.....

Vanessa-"Mommy, what's dat?"

Me-"Daddy's shoes"

Vanessa-Why they Daddy's shoes?

Me-Because he wanted them

Nessa-"Why he want them?"

Me-"He needed them so he asked me to get them"

Nessa-"Why daddy get shoes?"

Me-"he had to have something to wear on his feet"

Nessa-"Why he need somfin' on his feet?"

Me-"Cause everyone wears shoes baby girl"

Nessa-"Why everyone wear shoes?"

Me-"To keep their feet protected so they don't hurt their feet"

Nessa-"Why people hurt their feet?"

Me-"Sometimes people step on something without shoes and that can hurt their feet"

Nessa-"Why they step on somefin'?"

Me-"Ahhhhhhh!!! No more why questions!!!!"

Nessa-"I got boo boo on my feet....."

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ModernMom said...

LOL Yes I have had a conversation so close to this. It takes my whole being not to cry out..because I said so!