Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pro-life and Pro-choice, doesn't matter

I read this today.."Who could be ''pro-life'' yet feel that killing someone for being ''pro-choice'' is justifiable? Hypocrites."
Every day for the last 3 days all I have been reading is more of the same. "How dare the pro-lifers take such a valuable man from us"
"Just remember all of you who oppose abortion, two wrongs don't make a right"

I would just like to say that just because you are pro life doesn't mean you justify violence as a means to end abortions. Or that we are ok with Dr. Tiller's murder. Why would you not say that about the individual who killed him. Must you really lump everyone who is prolife into that? How is that different from lumping everyone together based on skin color. Everyone who is white wanted Martin Luther King dead? Really?! How could you actually think that? Are you so blinded by ignorance that you must stoop to outrageous stereotypes? If you really think that of all pro-lifers then you must know, that if all we cared about was furthering the cause, this would hurt us more than help us. "We" have just given the pro lifers a martyr. A way to rally for their beliefs. How does that help "us pro-lifers" again?

I am very saddened by this tragedy. The family had to witness what happened. Our prayers go out to them. Regardless of what you believe, this was a horrible terrible act. A wife is without her husband today, a daughter does not have a father. Regardless of what your beliefs are, THAT is what should matter. That is what we should be dwelling on this week. Go with God Dr. Tiller, I pray that your family finds peace in the wake of this horrific tragedy.

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