Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Valerie strikes again....Pow!

So, we have been working on Father's Day cards and getting them out. The other day I was having them write one out to a gpa that lives farther away and I told Valerie that she could put it in the mailbox. So she runs out there and Steven lifts her up so she can reach. She opens the front flap, slides the card in, sticks her little face in there and says, "Please send this to my papa!" Then hops down and runs off.

We were sitting at dinner last night and talking about our pet fish. We had just told the kids about a fish we got to put in Valerie's nursery before she was born. Steven stuck it in the window and it died. Valerie asked us what we did with the fish. I said Daddy had flushed it down the toilet. She looked at Steven with a confused look on her face and says, "You didn't eat it?" He chokes on his food a little and says, "No, you don't eat fish that small baby." I said that when we were kids I had a fish that died but we buried it in the back yard. Valerie whips her little head around and says "Gross, mom. That would make your fish taste like dirt!" I don't think we got through to her....

In other news, Valerie has decided to follow her father around the house and call him old. A LOT! He will yell from the bedroom "I can't find my pants!" Valerie walks by and tells him "Thats cause youare old daddy" He got a pretty wicked sunburn Thursday. He was hobbling around and bumped his knee. "AGH! My knee is killing me." "That is cause you are getting old Dad" I laugh every time. Hasn't stopped being funny yet.

For Father's Day my Mom got my Dad the original Batman movie, with Adam West. Valerie asked if they could watch it too and my dad said that was fine. They could have a movie night.(It is all my kids have talked about for three days by the way!) Valerie grabs the dvd case and says "Oh My Goodness! Is he naked?!" I grab the case and check. "No baby he is wearing tights and a body suit." "Oh, well he kinda looks naked." God help us all.

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