Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My girls have been busy

My kids have both been pretty busy in the last few weeks. Valerie finished up her first year of preschool and we are nearing the end of the dance year. We are a week away from recital. Life has been going full steam ahead.

Mondays are our chill days. The girls and I have a tendency to stay in our pjs all day and don't leave the house until it is time to go to the gym in the evening. So, the girls were downstairs watching Dora and I was at the table drinking tea and reading a book. Now, all you moms of young children will understand this next part. They got to the end of their episode and Dora and Boots are talking about everything that happened on their adventure. Then they look out and say, "What was your favorite part?" Which is followed by about thirty seconds of silence and then, "I liked that part too!" This particular time Dora asks her question and then looks expectantly at my children. My darling Nessa looks at her and says, "My favite part waas Dora's hair!" She is sooo my little girly girl.

Today I went to a luncheon for a sweet wonderful lady at the church. We ate a lot of delicious food and then when my children got a little restless we decided to take off for naptime. I put both of the kids in the car and told them to sit in their seats. I buckled Nessa and then went and climbed in on the driver's side. Valerie started screaming from the backseat, "Mommy!! Mommy! You can not drive yet!!! I am NOT buckled!" I hopped out and went to strap her in. "Sorry baby, Mommy forgot you weren't buckled yet. Silly me." "I know", she says, " That's why I like Daddy better. He never forgets things."


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