Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Miss is obsessed with Ellen

My daughter is obsessed with Ellen. I do not know where she first heard about or saw her, but it is now a big deal. She wants to watch her show every day, she talks about her like they are besties, she discusses what would happen if she were ever on the show. It is funny. Little Miss started discovering just how much her and Ellen have in common. She loves to play pranks and could not believe that Ellen did too. She loves to dance, she loves animals. She is now showing me dance moves that she should try out before she goes on the show(like that is a certainty). She asked for Ellen underwear. She wants me to record her pranks so she can show Ellen. I feel like there are far worse celebrities she could fixate on. Ellen is a good person, with a good heart. She is funny and charismatic. If my daughter wants to work to become more like Ellen, I know I am ok with that.

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