Monday, May 12, 2014

Military Monday

So, we are getting ready to move later this year. It is our first real move as a military family. We have been so very lucky to stay home for all these years. Steven was in the reserves and between the deployments, schools and that recruiting tour that we do NOT talk about, we never had to move. My girls have thus far been only minutes away from both sets of grandparents, all of their aunts, uncles and cousins. The girls just had their first real deployment in 2011 and now their first move. I think it is the perfect one for our family. Only four hours away, a similarly sized town and similar climate. We can come home on weekends if we want/need to. We will be right by Tablerock, which means that family will probably want to come and visit us on occasion. I am a bit apprehensive. Transferring colleges right as I am ready to start a nursing program is scary. Transferring the kids to a new school makes this mama nervous. Yet, Steven has sacrificed so much to make sure we are comfortable and this is the best thing for his career right now. At this point, we are all excited and nervous. It is hard to predict the future but my girls are strong little ladies. We are going to rock this! New experiences and new places await. Remind me, I really need to tell my husband we prefer beaches over blizzards......

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