Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Developmental Psychology

This just happened: My developmental psychology teacher was talking about SIDS. She asked why eskimos and african americans have a higher rate of SIDS. We talked about how they bundle babies, which she shot down. I brought up the facial shape: Perhaps flatter noses impeded inhalation and air flow. Teacher: Ok guys, I have brought this up before but when the book references race, we are NOT talking about genetics. Me: *under my breath* That is not correct Teacher: Did you have something to say? Me: Yes, I just disagree that race isn't genetic Teacher: The only reason we see similarities is that studies have shown people tend to marry and procreate with others who have similar features and personality. Me: If you are talking about culture or even maybe personality, I am willing to say it isn't necessarily genetic. When you are talking about hair color, skin color, predisposition to diseases and conditions, you are absolutely talking about genetics. Teacher: So are you saying all light skinned people are white? Or all dark skinned people are African american? Me:...... completely speechless because she just made MY point. NO, they are not the same because they come from several different racial backgrounds. While we're at it, can I just say that "white" is not a racial group (whether you believe it is genetic or not) Me: I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree because I absolutely believe that race is determined by genetics. Teacher: Since we have now determined that race is not based on genetics let's continue........

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