Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I am not in church..... (with a six month lead in)

Here is the deal: -Worked all through last winter, spring and summer. Managed to drop about twenty pounds. -Got rid of all my fatty fatty fat clothes as a show of victory -Diagnosed with celiac -Gained twenty pounds in about three months -Diagnosed with rare, weird side effect of celiac. (MOST people start dropping pounds like magic after being diagnosed. Of course, I did not get that) -Now trying to get the weight off again. At least knowing that this time it is likely to stay off but....... -I am fat again and to top it off, I have NO CLOTHES! So, -Thought about going to church -After about thirty minutes of trying to squeeze into something, I gave up. Put jeans on and decided that I will do homework and watch football instead. Welcome to crazy town, population:me.

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