Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So Valerie has been playing with her cousins a lot lately. They are really into pirates. They sword fight and say ARRRGGG! They are swashbucklers and pillagers. They have eye patches and tall black hats. The whole bit. So, of course, there has been an increase in pirate talk around my house as well. Now, I think it is so funny how many differences there are in how boys play and how girls play. At my house there aren't really "bad guys" or "evil dudes". There are ponys and princesses and babies and mommies and daddies and barbies. If it doesn't fall in those categories it pretty much doesn't exist.
So the other day after having a long sword battle with Josh and getting saved from the "evil bad guys" Valerie decided she wasn't going to be a victim any longer. She was a strong individual who was going to take charge of her fate. No more relying on boys to save her, she could take action on her own. She began talking to us about the most effective ways to dispatch villians. She was creating many a "what if" scenario when a brilliant idea came to her.
"Daddy, I could smack those pirates in the face with my dirty spoon. Yep!"
Then she smacked her lips and ran off with spoon in tow to vanquish all demons from the house.
That will show em!

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Needsleepy said...

Well, of course boys are worse...I mena they are BOYS. :-) Now that I think about it, my brother his firends and my boy cousins WERE always the one to make every game into a hostage situation wether it be with "make believe" GI Joes, Transoformers, Barbies, He-Man/She-Ra....us girls are just more loving, caring, sweet, honest, better, more good-looking....Oh the list goes on and on...LOL

I am GLAD that she took it upon herself to plan her own survival!! maybe that way she will never be a victim in her life!