Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 going on 14

So I keep telling people that my oldest daughter is a teenager in disguise. They always laugh politely and give me that face. You know the one, "Ya right lady! She is four, it can't be that bad."
Well, aside from the obvious tell-tale signs the big doosie just happened.

Valerie loves make-up, she loves jewelry, she loves going and getting her hair done. She is prone to having a fit about getting what she wants, she has an attitude the size of Texas,no joke!! She is my little gossip queen!, She says she looks ugly or stupid if I don't let her wear what she wants. She is a tad bit bossy and she thinks boys are cute. She talks about her wedding and getting married. She LOVES shopping and shoes. She loves to dance and shake her little booty.

Now, some of this stuff is funny, some of it drives us crazy. We have worried more than once about the crazy things she will do when she gets older. Tonight, though, I recieved my answer when my FOUR YEAR OLD snuck out her bedroom window! That is right, slid the window open popped out the screen and took off into ther great unknown. Fortunately she only really wanted to pick flowers in the front yard so I caught her quickly and then her night was over. I almost had a heart attack. It doesn't help that little sis wanted to come join in the fun but she had just gotten out of the tub. So I go down and open the front door to find Valerie walking around the flower beds and Nessa butt naked running acroos my front yard. AAAACCCCKKK!

What next? Will the little boy next door start getting smooches? Will she try and steal the car when she is 9? I need a drink!

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