Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Wish List

Things that I want. No budget just wants that you think about, dream about or lust over. They can be plausible or extrordinary. Whatever. My list of wants are semi realistic. Probably just not in the near future. I want to see yours too! Go ahead. Dream big and blog it out.

1) A "real" wedding ring. When Steven and I got married we were just kids. I bought him a $60 gold band and I had my $100 promise ring. For our first ann. I upgraded his to a real ring. Well, a few years ago my ring was lost and I was devestated. Ever since I have been wearing the gold band he originally wore at our wedding. Now, obviously that is low on the priority list when you have a family. Someday though, my dream of diamonds will be fulfilled.

2) An SUV again. Two years ago my Durango was hit by a drunk driver and totaled. My husband talked me into replacing it with his truck. Ugh. I dream all the time of more space for people and somewhere to put groceries where they won't get rained on and I don't have to tie them down.

3) Lasik or PRK. I am legally blind without corrective eyewear. My eyes are becoming increasingly intolorant of my contacts. I want to wake up and not feel like Velma.

4) I want a HUGE house. I am talking in the neighborhood of 4000 square feet. I want a master suite with seperate walk in closets and a jacuzzi bath. I want an enormous kitchen and dining room for holiday dinners. I want a spare bedroom or two for visiting relatives. I want to have a house that you get excited to go to. There is nothing like going home for the holidays and being four deep on the living room floor.

5) A professional grade camera. Any of the Nikon D-SLR. They take the most beautiful pictures. My sister in law has the d40x, my sisters friend has the d200. They are amazing and I want one.

6) I want several more dogs. I am a huge sucker for a puppy. They are the cutest and I wouldn't mind having more. I want a puggle and maybe a boston terrier. The american eskimos are super cute too!

7) I want land. Not much, maybe just a couple of acres but enough that our neighbors are not right on top of us. Enough that our animals had room to run. Space all our own.

8) I want to own a motorcycle someday. Steven and I joke all the time about when the kids move out getting his and hers bikes and hitting the road. I also want a camper. I love being outside.

9) I want one of those roombas. The robot vacuum/mop. I want something that I can just turn on and it does the work for me. Hallelujah!!!

10)I want a Kindle 2. How awesome and super sci-fi are those things. My inner nerd is drooling over the idea of having all your books, textbooks, mags, etc on a little electronic pad.

11) I want to travel EVERYWHERE! I want to travel the US. I want to travel all over Europe. I want to see somewhere tropical before I die. I want to see the world.

12) I want to be able to give our daughters a financially secure future with money for college and money for weddings and money left over for us. I want to have the life and give them the opportunities our parents were not able to always give us.

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Super Mom said...

I want most of these things too.

I want an engagement ring from Pat (that we have been talking about buying for 3 years, but never seem to do it)

and a SUV (arguing with Pat RIGHT NOW about why a truck is NOT a good "family vehicle")

I hate my crap house (thank god I don't actually own this one) and long for a place that I can have my kids birthday party at or host a holiday for my family...

Rooooooooommmmmmmba COOME TO MAMA!!!!! I have been dying for one of these for 4 years...

Kindle 2 would be so freakin cool... words fail me...

I want to see the world, and be able to give my children that opportunity too. Never been outside of the US - don't even HAVE a passport...I long for a stamp in my passport... /sigh

Have savings accounts set up for all the kids... want them to have something when they old enough to know what they want in life...