Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I was reading through all of SuperMoms posts and getting a little jealous. Apparently she thought she was too overweight and went to the doctor. She told him she had tried the usual and it wasn't getting the job done. He prescribed some miracle pill and the result is that she has lost 20 some pounds in like a month. I, in reading this, called my doctor and scheduled an appt......for TODAY. I want in on the miracle weight loss. I too have done the over the counter stuff and the diets. Don't get me wrong I don't want it to do all the work for me, but a little help would be sooo nice. I know that most of us have been pretty damn thin at one time and it is just weird to know that I am a "fat" girl. I am so tired ALL the time. Hopefully, this pill is an option for me. PLEASE GOD!!!! Let it be an option for me. I have been food diary-ing (though that hasn't happened in a week or two,oops!) and trying to work out some everyday. Maybe this will help keep me accountable. Either way, I have to get the weight off and keep it off. Cheer me on folks!

So today is Friday and I wrote the first part of this on Wed. My weight at the doctor was 163. That is enormous for someone who is only 5 feet tall. My doctor said some of my weight gain is probably do to my birth control and no they do not prescribe it. At all. I am going to start working really hard to get some of the weight off and will try and update every few weeks.


Super Mom said...

I am so sorry if I made you depressed sweetie!!! I didn't mean to! And I'm sorry your doctor was an ass. :(

I was 5'3" and 177 when I started, techinically considered OBESE. That made me cry when the doctor told me that... even now on my perscription they write "For Obesity" on there... /cry...

Stick to your plan and you can do it. And I am planning on meeting up with you guys tomorrow for Needsleepy's birthday and I will bring you some "Yoga Booty Ballet"! Hope that will cheer you up!

Needsleepy said...

I know hun...Supermom is a bitch...sigh. What is she doing losing all that weight without us? Right?! hee hee (Pst...When we go out tomorrow, I am going to give her REAL soda instead of that diet crap!!) That will teach her! Man, I can not wait...Adult Drinks here I come!