Monday, December 29, 2008

So Christmas is finally over! Thank goodness. If I had to do anymore freaking family gatherings I was going to puke. Oh, and speaking of kids decided last night to take turns throwing up everything they have eaten for the past two weeks. YUCK! All those holiday goodies are adding up to extra holiday laundry for the momma.
Don't get me wrong. I love the Christmas season most of the time. This year just seemed more hectic than normal. I hate getting so caught up in the craziness and forgetting to sit back and enjoy some of it. Where is the quiet evening at home cuddling up and getting naughty over hot mugs of cocoa? Instead, it is my teenage freshman sister running around the house screaming about the 3rd guy who asked her out today(O-M-G!) and my 19 year old sister freaking out and digging through her boyfriends car to find out what he bought her so she isn't caught by suprise when getting proposed to. (She got an ipod touch by the way) My mom freaking out and having the yearly meltdown about, well, everything. "What are we going to eat xmas day?" "When do I start cooking?" "What if no one shows up? " " What if everyone hates their gifts?" "What if no one gets me anything? " Baking and cooking for a gazillion people and events. Buying gifts and cards and writing wrapping and wrestling them under the tree or into the car. Steven complaining that I didn't get him what he wanted(a blowgun) when I literally recieved nothing for our anniversary or xmas. After paying 1000 dollars in tickets for him and still getting him a gift. Bastard. Our kids running laps and flying Barbies around my parents dining room while screaming Frosty at the top of their little lungs. All I want is to sleep until 10 am and then sit in my jammies reading a book. Or have my husband offer to pick up the house and I sit and play video games for an hour or so. I know, I know. Laugh it up all you married women. I can dream.
So, now is the time to get to the Y and lose the extra pounds. It is time to destress and work on my post holiday attitude. Also, our lives will be shook up in another month or so. My husband is taking some leave and will be home for about 6 weeks in mid february. That could go either way. I will most likely be grateful for the extra help with the kiddos and not so happy about the extra laundry, dishes, and attitude. hahaha. Most importantly, he will be done with recruiting and our family can go back to being a happy one. YAHAYAHAYAY!!!!!!It is the time of year that I always vow to spend more time on friends. There are so many that I don't see nearly enough. My daughter and my birthdays' are coming so that is always a great excuse to see everyone. I really want to start getting some aspects of my life put back together.
I feel sometimes that since becoming a mom my life has fractures into a million pieces. The crazy has taken over, hence the green crayon on my wall and the toilet paper in the bathroom sink. I feel like it has blessed me too. How else would I know that you are supposed to eat chicken noodle with goldfish crackers? Even though this time of year is nuts my family, overall, adds so much joy and happiness. I am so thankful for everything I have and I wouldn't take anything away. Adding a maid would be awesome though.


Needsleepy said...

LMAO!!! Oh sweetie my heart goes out to you! I SOOOOO know how you feel. I LOVED the part about your sister and the 3 guys TOO FUNNY! You know what helps in those situations?....Vodka and ME!! Call me! We'll do...drinks ROFL!!

Barrie said...

Oh yeah, a maid would be good. Or two. (Popped over from Vodka Mom's blog)