Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! Dear God, it's a baby!

So I am back to post again. The reason? Crazy people and their crazy babies!
So I am surfing around on the computer this morning and I come across a story. Some lady goes in to have a c-section. They get her in there and cut her open and the doctor reaches in to pull out the baby...then exclaims"Oh my goodness!" Promptly calls someone else over to help him lift out the baby b/c it is 14 FREAKING POUNDS! Are you serious?! So, here are my issues. One, how do you as her doctor have noooo idea that the baby is going to be larger than normal? Two, as the mom with that tub o butter inside of you, how do you not think, hmmmm, maybe this baby is cutting off my insides for a reason? She has another kid. It isn't like she hasn't been pregnant before and just didn't know it could be different.
Or, we could talk about the woman who had her 18th child this past week. That is right folks she has enough children for her own small town. She was quoted as saying"This was the ultimate Christmas gift from God." Pardon me but I call BS. If God sent me an 18th child any time, much less Christmas, there would be much weeping and nashing of teeth. Cursing and bitterness would also make an appearance. I guess on the bright side there are so many of them now that it is like having a fulltime live in staff. You could teach one to be a maid, one a butler, chef, groundskeeper, tutor, etc.... She probably is just sitting around trying to keep her uterus from falling out at this point.
There is also a 70 year old woman from India who just gave birth. She said that she decided to try fertility treatments b/c her and her husband had been trying to have a baby for 50 years. She is so happy to have had a baby in the twilight of their life. You have been trying for fifty years and it just occured to you to do fertility treatments? Obviously, if you have tried that long something hasn't been working for a long time. Plus, now you are most likely not even going to get to enjoy that child's life. You are going to be to old to share most of it with them and my even damage that child by dying while it is so young.
All these crazy people and their crazy desires for children. I am so overwhelmed by my two kids I can not even imagine! Wait until you hear the story I have for next time. It is yet another tale of parents making life hard for their offspring. Until then!!!!!
On the next post....Hitler in Springtime.

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