Friday, September 11, 2009

Everyday life and changes

Yes, I know, I have disapeared. I went back to work and life got crazy. School, jobs, kids, schedules, apparently my family still requires food. I don't know how you working moms do it. I am EXHAUSTED!!! Big V and little V are great! Valerie has been going to school half days but soon switches to full days. Nessa gets to start after her birthday and can not wait to go to big girl school with sissy. I am working half days right now but after they are both in school I am going back to working full-time. It makes me really sad. I love having my afternoons with the girls. When I am at work all day I miss them like crazy. ugh! BUT we need the extra income for now and I have a great boss. I work in the same building as my husband. We are right acroos the hall. So I can't complain too much, I suppose.
I have been planning Nessa's party. We decided on rice krispie treat cake. I am going to make it pink. Yum! My baby is getting so big so fast.
We had my husband's family reunion last weekend. It was a blast. We stayed out too late and when we got in the car I heard a little voice in the backseat..."Whew, I am so tired. It is almost bednight already" MIDnight was quickly appoaching so we whisked them home. We got to see his grandparents. They live a few states away and so we only see them about once or twice a year.
The Fair is coming! We take the girls every year. They are really excited even if they can't remember what exactly it is. I get fifty questions a day.....
"when are we going to the circus again?"
"the Fair, baby"
"What day is the parade?"
"it isn't a parade, it is the fair"
That is my four year olds new favorite word by the way.
Home improvement projects have been piling up for some time now. About two weeks ago my husband and I sat down and had a long talk about what we needed to get done. Then, we did it. Well, we are in the process of doing it. Steven has been amazing. He has fixed both of our toilets, a bathroom sink, tore out the kitchen cabinets, a ton of sheetrock removal, put up insulation, etc....We also replaced our bathroom vanities and our oven. Our bed fell apart and we knew someone with an extra in storage. What a lifesaver. Still on the agenda is rehanging a TON of sheetrock and then replacing all the kitchen counter tops and cabinets. After the begining of the year I think we are planning on replacing the floors. Then we should be about done with all the house projects on the inside. YAY!
So life in our house is crazy as always. How about yours? Anybody know any good maids that work for free? I need one. hahaha. Well, it is my bedtime so good night all!

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