Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rest in Peace little Fish

My Valerie is such a wonderful blessing. She is my first born and is just like her father. My friend SuperMom discusses her middle daughter sometimes. She describes her daughter in a way that is very similiar to my oldest. She uses words like independant and stubborn and strong willed. I read her stories and think "YES! My daughter has done that, and that, and that, oh her daughter hasn't done that yet? Only a matter of time" So, I invite you to read an excerpt from my MySpace blog about my child's latest mishap......

Today Valerie decided that Vanessa's fish had died. So she climbed up to the shelf where I thought I had put the fish out of my children's reach and dug it out of the bowl. Then she unceremoniously dumped it down the bathroom sink. I come running at the sound of Vanessa screaming. After getting her to calm down enough to tell me what is going on I ask Valerie to explain herself. Well, he wasn't swimming and so I put him in the sink. I go running from sink to sink "which one?" praying, hoping I can save him. Valerie- "Oh, he went down the drain I put water on him." I explain in a very LOUD voice to Valerie that her sister's fish was asleep and that if there is something wrong with the animals you come and get Mommy first. Not try and take care of it yourself. Because now sissy's fish has most certainly gone to join the large fisbowl in the sky. Which, of course, made Valerie cry. I made her apologize to Vanessa. Valerie-"Mommy will buy you a new one Vanessa" Me-"Valerie say you are sorry" Valerie-" I am sosososososososososososososo Sorry!!!!!" Me-"Good, now go to bed. I need a break or perhaps a drink. All this before ten in the morning? It is going to be a good day!

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Super Mom said...

LOL - This is great validation on my decision to boycott ALL pets until all of my children are over the age of 5.

We had fish once... ONCE. (Ok, everyone knows, that's a lie... I replaced those effing things with look-a-likes SO MANY TIMES).

Sounds like your kids and my kids should NEVER be allowed to "play" (read, plot to destroy the earth) together until they are 30. :)